GOYA Hockey Clinic at Big Boy Arena

The Skills and Power Skating Clinic, proudly presented by GOYA, brings together the expertise of three standout instructors, Jamie Ramin, Suzy Sanitate and Jeremy Kaleniecki, to offer young hockey players an unparalleled opportunity for growth and development on the ice. Jamie will lead the session for the skills development segment, guiding players through dynamic drills and exercises aimed at refining fundamental hockey skills such as stickhandling, shooting, and passing. Jamie's unique coaching style emphasizes creativity, teamwork, and game intelligence, ensuring that players not only improve their technical abilities but also develop a deeper understanding of the strategic aspects of the game. With Suzy at the helm of the power skating sessions, participants dive into an intensive hour dedicated to enhancing their speed, agility, and technique. As a seasoned skating instructor with years of experience at both amateur and professional levels, Suzy brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for helping players unlock their full potential. Jeremy's coaching style offers comprehensive coverage of goaltenders' skill sets, focusing on footwork, lateral movements, and hand position/control, we ensure a seamless transition to more advanced techniques, all executed at game speed and based on real-game situations. Additionally, he emphasis on mental discipline equips goalies with the ability to react effectively to any situation, fostering confidence and composure on the ice while maintaining a fun atmosphere to enhance motivation and progression. With personalized instruction from top-tier instructors and the camaraderie of fellow players, the Skills and Power Skating Clinic promises an enriching and unforgettable experience for all participants, empowering them to take their game to the next level.


Meet the Staff:

Skills: Jamie Ramin hockey journey is marked by both playing and coaching success, culminating in his current roles as head coach of the 2014 OJG AAA team and assistant coach of the 2012 OJG AAA team. As a player, Jamie honed his skills over multiple years in Tier 1 hockey (OJG, Honeybaked, Little Caesars) and the Alberta Junior Hockey League (Okotoks Oiler), providing him with a deep understanding of the game at various levels. With over a decade of experience as a skills instructor, Jamie's expertise extends beyond the ice, shaping him into a versatile coach capable of nurturing talent and fostering development in aspiring hockey players.

Power Skating: Suzy Sanitate, a decorated U.S. figure skating gold medalist, boasts a rich history of competitive success spanning 12 years with the U.S. Figure Skating Association and as a four-time Midwestern competitor. Leveraging her expertise, she has coached aspiring skaters to excel at Midwestern and Adult National Competitions, earning USFA Gold Medals along the way. As a distinguished member of P.S.A. and I.S.I. with P.S.A. hockey accreditation, Suzy's influence extends across Michigan, where she imparts invaluable training ethics and personalized instruction through her carefully curated programs, supported by a team of dedicated and qualified power skate instructors, aimed at enhancing the skating skills of all levels of players. 

Goalie Coach:Jeremy Kaleniecki joins the GOYA Skills/Skating Clinic equipped with a wealth of playing and coaching experience, cultivated through years of dedication to the sport. As a product of South East Michigan's Belle Tire AAA program under the coaching of Victor Federov, Jeremy's early exposure to elite-level competition laid the foundation for his future success. Transitioning seamlessly into Jr. A hockey with the Toledo Wolf Pack and the Toledo Ice Diggers, Jeremy's journey continued to flourish with the Traverse City North Stars in the NAHL. Alongside his playing career, Jeremy co-founded Between the Pipes, a pioneering goaltending school that became a cornerstone of Michigan hockey development, showcasing his commitment to nurturing talent both on and off the ice. With 15 years of coaching expertise spanning various levels of competition, Jeremy's addition to the GOYA clinic promises an invaluable blend of skill, knowledge, and mentorship for aspiring young players.