GOYA Unveils First Annual Salute to Service 4v4 Hockey Invitational: A Celebration of Athletics and Support for Michigan Military Families

In a proud declaration of commitment to both sport and service, GOYA announces the launch of the inaugural Salute to Service Invitational, a groundbreaking event of 4 on 4 Hockey that will bring a unique and exciting twist to the traditional game of hockey. The matchups will guarantee fast-paced, goal-scoring, and spectacular save-making moments on the rink. Its set to take place at the Buffalo Wild Wings arena, a state-of-the-art 4-sheet complex located in Troy, Michigan. This momentous occasion is not only a celebration of athletic prowess but also a heartfelt initiative to support the Michigan Wounded and Returning Warrior Program.

Founded in 2010 by Gary Tanner, honored as the 2012 Michigan Veteran of the Year, the Michigan Wounded and Returning Warrior Program has been a beacon of support for military families and veterans across the state. Focusing on life-impacting assistance, the program ensures that 100% of all donations go directly to veterans in need, exemplifying a commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who have served.

The Salute to Service Invitational, set to unfold with Youth Divisions and Adult Divisions from July 19th to 21st, caters to a wide range of participants. Youth Divisions will encompass birth years from 2015 through 2006, ensuring an inclusive and engaging experience for the younger athletes. The Adult Divisions, ranging from Pro Division down to D league, will offer a competitive platform for players of varying skill levels. To maintain fairness and competitiveness, both Youth and Adult Divisions will be structured to accommodate different skill levels. Adding a special touch to the event, the Adult Division will feature a Military-only Tier, inviting both active  and non-active service members and veterans to participate and showcase their athletic prowess.

In a symbolic gesture of unity and respect for the armed forces, teams in both youth and adult divisions will have the opportunity to don custom uniforms (jersey and socks) representing the branches of the military. This visual representation aims to honor and pay tribute to the dedication and sacrifices made by service members across different armed forces.

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With only a limited number of spots available, teams are encouraged to sign up quickly to secure their participation in what is expected to be a fast-filling event. The registration fee of $1500 per team includes a unique custom military uniform to show off your talents in. A $500 deposit is required to secure a spot. Team must be registered and rosters must be submitted and approved, with names and numbers, by May 24th on the player registration portal in-order to have name and number on the back of the jersey. Proceeds of the entry fees will go towards Michigan Wounded and Returning Warrior Program

Adult Division Registration

Youth Division Registration

Individuals and businesses passionate about supporting the cause are invited to contribute through donations or explore sponsorship packages starting at $500. Those interested in making a difference and aligning themselves with the Salute to Service mission can reach out to for more information.

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Note: If you secure a sponsorship for any one of the following packages (Medal of Honor, Defense Distinguished Service, Homeland Security Distinguished Service Medal, or Silver Star) your team will receive $500 off an entry fee. 

As excitement builds for the Salute to Service Invitational, GOYA invites the community to be part of this extraordinary event that transcends sports, combining athleticism with a genuine commitment to supporting Michigan's military families and veterans. We encourage everyone to come out and support the men and women who stand tall for our country. Your presence will not only contribute to the electric atmosphere of the event but will also serve as a powerful demonstration of solidarity with our military community. Whether you're on the ice, cheering from the stands, or simply enjoying the exciting moments, your participation is a vital part of honoring and recognizing the sacrifices made by our veterans.

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