HSFS Championship Weekend Final Released!

Sunday October 17, 2021

Championship Weekend is here!  16 teams, in 2 Divisions coming together to play 32 games and to see who is the best of the best!  The teams have played over 75 games in the regular season to lead to this upcoming weekend.  The 16 teams have been broken up into 2 Divisions (Division 1 & Divison 2) and 2 groups inside each division.  The teams will play the other 3 teams in their division and will cross over with the corresponding group in their division for their 4th game.  With the top seed in each group facing off against each other to claim a Division 1 of Division 2 Championship.  It is going to be some great hockey!  You can keep up to date on scores and seedings as they happen on this website.  Game 1 starts @ 8:30AM on Saturday morning at Big Boy arena in Fraser, Michigan