The weekends will be Week 1 - September 8-10 @ Big Boy Arena, Week 2 – September 22-24 @ Big Boy Arena, Week 3 - October 6-8 @ Big Boy Arena and Championship Weekend is October 27-29 @ Big Boy Arena. The breakdown: we are asking teams to commit to playing in a total of 3 weekends. Pick 2 of the first 3 weekends that best fit your calendar for your school and then everyone commits to playing in the Championship Weekend. Although we are asking for teams to commit to play in 3 weekends, it is not mandatory. If you can only play in 1 or 2 or you would like to play in all 4, we still would love to have you, just let us know the weekends you would like to play.


So here is how it works: The HSFS Hockey Fall League will be played at Big Boy Arena for all 4  Weekends, so all games under one roof. Each weekend a team plays they will play a total of 4 games. These games can be 1 Friday, 2 Saturday and 1 Sunday or for teams traveling and having to stay overnight they can play 2 Saturday and 2 Sunday to cut down on costs.  Our goal is to allow High School Kids the chance to play good quality hockey during the Fall season with their High School teammates (4 to 16 Games) and allow them to be able to focus on schoolwork and also enjoy other school high school activities such as Homecoming, Dances, Football games etc..

HSFS Fall League Rules:

1)  No current high school coaches can be on any bench during the Fall League

2)  Only Players from your school can play.  

3)  Games will be 3 - 15 Minute stop time periods starting on clean ice.

4)  We will do the best we can putting the schedule together so all games are competitive but if there is an 8-goal differential in the 3rd period the game will be running time.  10-goal differential is a mercy anytime in the 3rd period.

5)  No fighting, a fight will result in being kicked out of the fall league! Period!!

6)  Home team will be in light color, Visitors in Dark  (We realize some teams may only have one jersey, if this is the case please make sure to communicate with the other team right away so you can have it sorted out before hitting the ice for the game)

7)  HSFS HOCKEY Management is in charge of this event and will have their Manager and Hockey Director on Hand to run the Fall League as well to collect all payments and answer any questions. 

8) This year if any game is tied at the end of regulation, we will go into a 5-minute 3 on 3 OT (teams will switch ends to have the long change), if tied at the end of OT we will proceed to a 3 Man Shoot-out.  If tied after 3 rounds the shootout will continue sudden death until there is a winner.  Teams first 3 shooters must be different, rounds 4 and up a team can use any shooter they choose as many times as they choose!